Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the story thus far.....

I bought this van in December of 1994, my car had just died and this was available for a great price for the shape it was in. It was a 1990, had been my dad's company vehicle since new, power everything, factory mirror tint on the windows (slider and rear), cloth bucket seats, alarm, AC, no rust, and no body damage. It also had one of those utility packages, ya know, shelves and a metal wall behind the seats and all. It had 119,000 miles on it but it didn't leak anywhere, wasn't burning any oil, and ran beautiful.

My first plan for it was to haul my motorcycle and use as a van. I didn't know anything about the van movement at the time.
A friend of mine, Bryce Phillips, who had a cool van told me about some people he had met and talked me into going to Ice Hole Madness I, where I met the people who would later become Rock Pile Vanz%.
Since I have owned the van, I have worked on it a lot, I love modifying it and going cruising and such. It hasn't been on the road during winter for several years, and hopefully will never see another winter. I'm saving for paint now, more money than I can currently afford, so I continue to play around with more body mods and lights and other toys.

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