Friday, August 19, 2011

cutting corners....

I see trucks all the time with the chrome fuel door covers, and always thought that would look kinda cool on my van.  I haven't seen a lot of Astros with them.  
The other day I was poking around on eBay for random van stuff, and to my surprise, there is a chrome fuel door listed, and the info says it will fit my van, great!  I buy it.

Today, my shiny new piece of van bling shows up, and I notice something as soon as I open it... it isn't for my year van.  it is for the 95 up models.  From 85-94, the fuel door was released via a cable by your feet in the van.  Over time GMC discovered these cables break, and you can't get the fuel door open, so they cut the corner off and removed the cable so you just had to flip it open by hand.  If you look in this picture, you can see that the corner is cut, but still see my fuel door under it... minor detail to some people, but I'm a little OCD about things like that, and that is enough of a detail to bug me... so I probably won't be using this piece of bling on the van.

The people that sold it had no idea there was any difference in the fuel doors, and said no one has ever said anything to them.  They asked me for pics.. hopefully they can come up with the correct one, or refund me.
I'll keep you posted!

EDIT 1 - still waiting for them to figure out what they are doing, but in the mean time I found one that was the correct shape in the picture, ordered it, hope it is correct!
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