Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cutting Corners.. revisited

instead of adding these comments as edits to the original post, I decided to just start a new post.

I was given a full refund on the original door that I ordered and (bonus!) got to keep the door! so if anyone with a later model Astro/Safari wants a chrome fuel door cover, make me an offer! lol

Now, the other one I found at that looked correct, wasn't.... this is the pic they showed,
but the one I received was just like the other one, with the corner cut off.  urrrg.... So I have sent them an email explaining that what they sold me isn't the same as what they were advertising and that I want a full refund, including the shipping... so again.. we wait.  seeing as there as no "contact us" info on their website, and the paypal address was an AOL address... I'm guessing I won't be hearing back from them.  I'll give them till the end of the business day Friday before filing a claim with paypal.

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