Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Previous work history....

Newest Entries are on the top

  • 2010 - after several years of performance issues, I finally figured out the problem and replaced the fuel pump, runs like a new van again!
  • July 27, 2009 - Replaced the cat's eye lights on the rollpan with LED versions..
  • July - 2009 - have started researching LED replacements for a lot of my lights and putting my light show back in working order.
  • May - 2009 - Time for a new Exhaust, the hooker Maxi-flow I installed so many years ago finally rusted out, and the tailpipes were getting thin. I switched to an Areoflow muffler, has a much better note to it, little louder, nice sound going down the road.
  • April - 2008 - Had to replace the radiator, can't complain too much, it lasted almost 20 years
  • April - 2007 I bought a 200amp alternator, replaced both the Optima Yellow tops (they were way overdue) and bought a 240 Stinger battery isolator. I'm trying to figure out the best place to mount this beast.. it is HUGE!. looking at either underneath, tucked up by a frame rail, or under the hood on top of the radiator shroud... I also got about 25 feet of 1/0 guage cable and am going to replace all the 4 guage that I have been using.
  • 2006 - slow summer.. I sanded it all down and primer-bombed it again, then it has major issues with the power steering and was in and out of the garage repeatedly till it ended up with all the hoses replaced and a new pump installed.
  • May - 2005 - I pulled the van out of the garage to wash the crud off of it and clean it up after sitting outdoors all winter and started noticing lots of little things that needed work, so what started out as a bath has ended up being a bunch of minor body work and other odd ball things. Once I get it re-primered, I'm going to borrow an air compressor and paint gun and my neighbor is going to help me paint it. This is only going to be a temp paint job till I can afford to have the bodywork done right at a a shop, so I am just going to do something simple for now... still debating on the color right now.
  • April - 2005 - I just moved into a new place that actually has a big enough garage for me to park the van in and be able to work on it... so after sitting outside for the past 2 winters, I am taking care of some much needed TLC. The very first thing I had to do to even get IN the garage was remove the Venturi vent that has been on it for so many years. I borrowed a saws-all from a friend and enlarged the hole where the vent was and installed a sunroof that I have been wanting to install for ages, now the van clears the low door and is inside :-)
    I have started stripping everything off of it and fixing bubbles in the fiberglass, sanding spots where I had some surface rust showing, and just doing a lot of minor body work. unfortunately at this time, I still can't afford to pain it, so it is still going to be prime grey... I should just wet sand the primer and clear coat it! ;-)

    I have a lot of little things that I need to do, and am just glad I finally have a place to work on it where I don't have to make sure I have it all back together by the end of the day!
  • 03/30/2004 - I took the van out for its first road trip since parking it for the winter. I installed a new temp sending unit, new MAP sensor, cap & rotor and some Morroso blue max 8mm plug wires. She starts and runs a lot better now, and ran awesome driving it to Rhode Island and back (200 miles of highway each way). I'm hoping for good weather this weekend so I can start cleaning it and doing some other work to it. She sat all last winter and summer, with only one trip last year, and then again all winter, so it is time to start paying some attention to her :-)
  • 10/05/2003 - After a long stretch of NOTHING... due to financial problems, getting laid off (ergo the financial issues) etc, I finally did something new.. I changed the headlights to the APC crystal clear lenses, that use the H3 bulbs... (pictures coming soon) man do they look sharp :-). Just a hint for anyone else who wants to install these, the headlight buckets aren't deep enough, I had to cut the hole an extra inch bigger all the way around. The van has been parked for a year and needs a LOT of cleaning and TLC, first thing I did was give it an oil change (Amsoil of course) and lube the chasis. I need to do plug wires, cap & rotor, clean the air filter and some other things, but that is going to be put off till spring. I'm only driving it for the next month before it goes back into storage for the winter. at 1/4 million miles, she still cranks easy and fires up nice and smooth (original engine and tranny, no re-builds) god I love this van :-)
  • 4/20/2002 - Installed new head unit, Kenwood Excelon Z828
    I also added 12" red neon tubes in the wheel wells.
  • 6/20/2001 - removed the plate speakers from the doors and installed MBQuart 6x9s
  • 5/26/2001 - installed captains chairs with swivel bases
  • 5/24/2001 - installed Edelbrock TES headers
  • 4/10/2001 - installed the B&M upshift valve that allows cruising in 4th gear at more than 3/4 throttle, also changed the fluid and filter while I was at it. Installed MSD 6A ignition box and MSD blaster coil (replaced my Accell)
  • 4/09/2001 - I changed the tail lights on the roll pan, found some nice looking oval ones. also did a lot of tune up oriented stuff, oil (Amsoil HP 10xW40) and filter, fuel filter and oxygen sensor.
  • 4/07/2001 - got the van out of storage today, needs a lot of cleaning and such, but had some work done to it over the winter. I left the van with Hank at Custom Fiberglass in CT over the winter and had him make and intall custom fender flares, shaved the rear door and frenced the plate in the roll pan, new visor and a wiper cowling, and I also installed Euro tail lights. To open the rear door, I took the linkage from the old handle and cut it, and flipped it around so it points up, I drilled a hole in the door and put the linkage through that, and put a push button on it like an old car door lock. Just press the button, door is open, you just leave the window open so you can to it from the outside ;-)

  • 7/27/2000 - Installed a second Optima in the van, used an isoloator but it died after about 15 minutes so they are wired in parrallel at the momment.
  • 7/15/2000 - I won 4 trophies at the 28th Van-Natz. 2nd place sound off, 2nd place early Chevy mini street van, 2nd place mini van intereior light show and 1st place mini van exterior light show.
  • 6/29/2000 - Installed a new siren underneath the van and a "wolf whistle" under the hood.
  • 6/25/2000 - I won 1st place for mini-vans at "Woodstock" by CMVA, and Best Overall light show!
  • 6/20/2000 - Installed green neon lights under the seats and tied them into a "music box".
  • 6/13/2000 - Installed a Steel Horse "Shelf-it" kit, got rid of the visor's completely, added some surface mount aircraft style lights on either end of it.
  • 6/12/2000 - Finally got rid of the vacuum operated air compressor (does that sound like an oxymoron or what?) and replaced it with a Hadley 150psi electric compressor. It also has a 20' hose for filling up the tires.
  • 6/09/2000 - I installed a FastChip Stage 2 computer chip. Acceleration is better, throttle response is better, idle is smoother and highway driving is nice. I'm happy with it.
  • 5/29/2000 - I won 1st place for mini-vans at Lost Memorial Day Weekend in NY, and to my total surprise, 2nd place for exterior light show!
  • 4/14/2000 - Installed 2 1 farad lightning caps for the stereo.
  • 4/12/2000 - Upgraded my battery to a Optima yellow top.
  • 3/25/2000 - Improved my door panels, no more tan.
  • 3/22/2000 - Installed a B&M megashifter.
  • 3/09/2000 - Finished dash trim.... now all black instead of tan.
  • 3/4/2000 - Got her out of storage, installed a new starter. Started working on converting remainder of trim inside from tan to black. Replaced OEM air cleaner housing with a chrome one.
  • 2/24/2000 - Installed "clear corners" on the front and also installed a "lumi-logo", light up chevy emblem
  • 2/20/2000 - Modified the instrument cluster.
  • 1/1/2000 - I couldn't resist, I took her out for a spin today! Roads were dry and basically clean.

  • 12/26/99 - Installed Grant GT challenger series dual plane steering wheel.
  • 12/01/99 -Parked it for the winter :-( But this year it is in my own garage. Not enough room to work on the outside of it much, but I can get inside and work on it.
  • 10/08/99 - Upgraded the sub finally, I have two 10" JL W0s in a sealed box and two 10" JL W3s in a ported box. My mirrors are definitely shaking ;-)
  • 10/03/99 - Added some speakers to the front doors. I now have 4 6x9s in the back, 2 6.5s in the dash and 2 4x6 component speakers in the front doors.
  • 9/29/99 - Finally installed some lights I had bought at the natz.... little blue trim lights. Added them around the doors inside the cab.
  • 9/25/99 - Installed EMT style strobes in the turn signals.
  • 9/05/99 - I won a 1st place "trophy" for Chevy Minis at Fall Out. (I was the only one.... hehehe)
  • 8/13/99 - Bought another set of MB Quart 6x9s for the back of the van.
  • 8/07/99 - I won a 2nd place trophy for Minis at Boogie Bash.
  • 7/31/99 - Finally took the time to paint my visor and air damn, actually primer instead of the plastic color they were out of the box. Looks better. I have also been working on the interior, finally have most of it done. Lots of black carpet. Really starting to come together. I am hoping to be able to use my webcam sometime soon to get some inside photos of the van. Stay tuned!
  • 7/23/99 - Bought and installed a fiberglass hood scoop from Hank at Custom Fiberglass
  • 7/22/99 - Had the Colonel do some more etching for me... something on each of the door windows on the front.
  • 7/08/99 - Replaced my amps... bought a PPI PC4800 and a PPI PC1800, they look and sound sweet. Just need a new sub now.
  • 6/27/99 - I won a 2nd place trophy for the "under construction" class at the Phuckrwee run.
  • 6/23/99 - I spent a little money on some stereo equipment... I figured it was time for an upgrade ;-)

    I installed a Kenwood Excelon PS-909 in dash CD Receiver, replaced my front and rear speakers with MB Quartz, and upgraded my crossover from a Coustic XM3 to a XM5e. You really can hear the difference :-) I also got my 10 disc changer repaired and it is basically brand new on the inside.

    My old Kenwood deck (KRC 860) and the changer (KCD 601) are for sale. I want to get the new Kenwood Excelon CD changer.
  • 5/30/99 - Had some glass etching done.... click to see. Also won my 2nd trophy at Lost Memorial Day Weekend in NY. (second place, minis)
  • 4/30/99 - I installed new shocks all way around, Gabriel Sport Riders.
  • 4/10/99 - Took off the west coast mirrors and installed the same style as are on full size Chevy vans. Also did some minor body work here and there on it.
  • 4/09/99 - Got rid of the fiberglass leaf springs and had steel ones installed, also added a rear anti-sway bar. Handles SOooo much better now.
  • 4/03/99 - Bought and installed some more lights for the light show, mostly strobes.
  • 3/27/99 - Got it out of storage and put new tires on it. BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. 245/60R15 on the front and 275/60R15 on the back. I also installed the new amp, sounds good now =)
  • 3/99 - I bought a new amp, Rockford Fosgate Punch 600a4. Now I finally have a little power ;-) I have also been making calls on prices for things when I get it out of storage. I need to rebuild the rear suspension.
  • 2/99 - I bought some kewl lights from Spencer's for it, I got 2 of those round lightning disks (green). Can't wait to install them.
  • 12/98 - Put it away for the winter.
  • 10/98 - Had to buy a new battery.
  • 6/06/98 - Replaced the handle on the sunroof with a new one. Doesn't leak any more :-)
  • 5/30/98 - Had a sunroof for over 2 years and finally got around to installing it.
    It leaks. Not from the installation, but from where the glass seals... the handle is broke so it doesn't shut tight enough. Couldn't find anyone who deals in VELM sunroofs around here, finally found a place in Ohio. Now I have to wait for it to be shipped.
  • 5/23/98 - I removed most of the interior (bed and front/rear walls). I left the panelling on the walls to cover the insulation as I start a complete re-wire of the whole thing. Also came up with a theme finally, "AREA 51". I have been carrying an Alien Doll that I won at a fair around in it for the past year and was even setting the doll up on the seat in shows. So I figure I'll go with it. I bought some more stuff to add to the theme and hope to have some pics up soon. I'm going to retire the KAOTIC plate this year and try and get AREA51 or something UFO/Alien related for a plate.
  • 4/98 -I had to replace the clutch on the cooling fan.
  • 8/97 - Added air damn, new fog lights followed shortly. Removed the Hellas
  • 6/97 - Had a sub made using two JL 10's
  • 10/96 - Added a Deflect-a-Sheild lighted visor.
  • 9/96 - Added purple and turquois neon on under side. I now have green all the way around tied into the stereo on one switch, and the other has the purple and turquoise tied in together. Purple on the front and rear, and the turquoise on the sides. I also added another turquoise in the air intake between the grill and the bumper. I also have various lights inside.
  • 8/96 - Had roll pan made/welded in.
  • 7/96 - Removed rear Bumper, added first set of neon (green) and installed dual exhaust.
  • 6/96 - Bought new rims. 15x8 AR-23's.
  • 4/96 - Primered the whole van.
  • 4/96 - Installed B&M Stage 2 Shift Kit
  • 3/96 - Bought a PPI Amp and 2 Kicker D-50 speakers for the back of the van.
  • 2/96 - Installed Air Horns, Venturi Vent and bought new tires, (245/60R15 RWL) Tires went on a set of white wagon wheels that Bryce gave me.
  • 10/95 - Bought a box of stereo stuff from a friend, Got a Sub out of the deal and a few other goodies.
  • 8/95 - Slider mechanism disintegrated, (there is a good story behind this, buy me a beer and I'll tell it to you...) hinged the slider for gull wing conversion. Tried several struts to hold it open, finally found some but the brackets weren't strong enough. Need to do some creative welding one of these days.
  • 7/95 - Removed the contractor interior and put in my own floor and carpeting. Also began work on bed.
  • 5/95 - Installed Hella fog lamps on bumper.
  • 4/95 - Installed cab lights.
  • 3/95 - Installed Kenwood Stereo and Alpine Speakers in dash.
  • 1/95 - Added a cheap cassette deck. Installed Accell Coil, Bosch Plugs and Amsoil HP Air filter. Also converted whole van to Amsoil (oil, tranny and rear-end)
  • 12/94 - Bought the Van

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