Sunday, May 14, 2017

One thing leads to another...

2 weeks ago I swapped out my 15 year old shocks and installed Bilsteins.
I also did my oil change (amsoil) and installed my new 15x10 rear wheels, still running 275/60 tires.

Friday I took the ghost out for it's first official outing, and I discovered that the driver's side door wouldn't unlock, so I put that on my list of things to fix for Saturday.

Saturday comes, I get the door apart, and after a bit of checking, I realize the lock/latch just needs a little lubricant, and it's good as new.

I figured, while I have the doors apart, I should do more troubleshooting on the passenger side power window.  I can open/close it from the driver's side, but not the passenger side. I changed both switches last year because of this with no change in how it was working.  After quite a bit of testing, I'm pretty certain the replacement passenger switch is bad, so I ordered another.

Next, I figure since the panels are off, I should really replace the window sweeps/seals.  (you can use s10/Jimmy sweeps, just have to trim them about 1/8")

Now I really go nuts.... I decide to change the spark plugs.
Anyone with an astro knows this is a pain.  Add to the equation the fact I have headers, it's a royal pain in the ass.  I also replaced the hei module while I was at it.

Since I'm already under the van, I might as well change the transmission filter... Only been 15 years since it was last done. The pan wasn't as dirty as it was the last time, that is a good sign. New filter and 2 gallons of amsoil ATF and I'm back in business.

And lastly, I installed new LED taillights.

Took it out for a 40 mile drive, so far so good!

I had hoped to also drain the rear end and put in new lube, but ran out of time for the day.   That is easy enough that I can do it after work some day this week.

I also need to fix my fog lights, and several other little things still.
It's never ending.

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