Sunday, May 3, 2015

a place to lay my head..

The first bed I put in my van was built like a couch, it went along the driver side wall, you could open it for storage, and oddly enough.. my couch cushions fit it perfectly.

when I ended up putting in sub woofers, I rebuilt the bed to go across the back of the van to hide them, and it looked a lot more symmetrical to me, and that's the way it stayed for the past 17(ish) years.
it was a little cramped, but I could sleep in there if l lay diagonal across it. I liked it because it was always setup, had a foam mattress, never had to mess with it when I got to an event.

I have found that in recent years, trying to spend a week sleeping in there at the nats was getting a little tough, and after last year with m fiancee in there, I needed to make a change.

I have had a couple of ideas, so today I spent some time in the garage with some power tools and a sheet of plywood.
the bed platform looks about the same as before (I built over the existing bed), but I can now pull it out and it extends to the back of the front seats. it's big enough for a full size mattress, but that's not practical to leave like that all the time, so from now on it's an inflatable mattress.  the bed will take a little to setup now, but will be a lot more comfortable.

I need to get some more black carpet to cover the plywood, and some trim to dress it out a little.  Will see how well this works at LOST ad the Nats.

pics are kinda crappy, hard to shoot inside the van.

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