Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Strutting my Stuff

so... many many moons, and more than a few brain cells ago, the sliding door fell off my van.
In a  flash of inspiration, I hinged it and poof! instant gull wing!  Sadly, it was held open with a big stick... and after 15(?) years of not knowing how to weld or being able to get anyone to weld on the cheap metal in the Astro.. my friend Matchstick from hooked me up!  He had just done this to his own Astro and had it all figured out.  He sent me a purchase order, I bought the parts, brought it all with me to the van nationals, and he took an hour and welded it all in for me!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

a little change finally...

I have had this no window slider in the garage for almost 2 years, and finally put some work into it and got it mounted on the van.
I need to get someone to remove the door handle (it serves no purpose anyway) and my friend Matchstick is going to help me install the struts to hold it open when we are at the nats next month.

Now I just need someone that knows what they are doing to help me get the dutch doors installed!